Warranty and return polices


At the exact moment in which a product purchased from bestgamerstore is received, a period of 14 days begins to claim a return that is due to defects of the product purchased, at no time to the enjoyment or not of the good itself. bestgamerstore is not responsible for returns of that style. Likewise, you can also claim lost products that do not reach the customer, this without a valid period of time, in which another equal product will be sent and bonuses will be given for the affected. If an agreement is not reached, the purchase refund will be granted. This same procedure will be followed in any return or refund process. bestgamerstore will not be financially responsible for improper use of the product, damage caused to it or manufacturing defects not claimed before 7 days after the acquisition has been completed by means of a payment. As a company, the objective is to ensure that the dispute is resolved in the best possible way for the client, guaranteeing its benefit ahead of that of the company. All procedures will be effective either by email sent to bestgamerstore@gmail.com or in the Contact Us tab of the website itself. At the time the purchase is made, bestgamerstore is released from any legal charge for crimes inflicted with any of the products obtained and is not responsible for the damages caused by them. bestgamerstore does not cover the natural wear of the product nor does it have a repair platform for them. The guarantee offered by bestgamerstore is limited exclusively to the correct delivery of the product to the consumer and the exchange or refund process already mentioned. Once the guaranteed situation is notified within the stipulated period, the client must follow the instructions given from the online platform or by means of a reply mail and at no time get rid of the product in poor condition. If a shipment had to be made to our headquarters, the shipping costs would be borne by our account and never by the client.